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WT: Prasy mimośrodowe, obróbka wielkogabarytowa biuro@wtms.pl

WTMS - about company

To whom it may concern,
Dear Sirs,
I want to take the opportunity to present You our services as:
-          large size machining;
-          services of heavy machinery;
-          manufacturing of machinery parts;
-          noise protection systems;
-          sales of imported machinery in Poland
Some pictures and precise detail information about our machinery capacity are included in the attached presentations, or You can see them on our website: www.wtms.pl and here some more details for the start:
We are equipped and can build heavy machines based on our 25 years presses – building experience.
We are doing a lot of technical services on machines to  customers across Europe and also to our customers in Poland.
We are doing a lot of technical services or retrofit works on presses other manufacturers, as we can use our equipment and experience.
We machine a lot of heavy parts for machines, cranes etc.
We produce additional equipment for stamping factories – the noise absorbing cabins.

For more information, we can send You we can send more specific information or visit You.

Please contact us:

Igor Jakubowicz

e-mail: i.jakubowicz@wtms.pl

+48 512 211 987

Artur Majcherczyk          

e-mail: a.majcherczyk@wtms.pl

+48 513 138 645 

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